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Our aim is to respect animals and insects as well. To put it another way, we tend to follow the path serving to the animals and serving mankind. Besides, we wish to avoid utilizing chemical and synthetic materials that may cause permanent genetic changes in animals and bring genetic changes in humans as a result. Instead we hold the tendency towards natural material which maintains the balance of the natural environment and ecosystem. We wish to develop conditions that reduce the presence of insects instead of pesticides that eliminates them. Moving toward a system to preserve the environment, the trees, and soil is our plan. Here are some of our targets:

To make a creative team

Moving in line with the nature and ecosystem

Creating a dynamic system equipped with a troubleshooter just like a dynamic application that modifies and alarms its defects besides needs

Self sufficiency

Not jeopardizing the life on Earth

Product diversification to avoid market saturation

Production management by predicting consumption rate to prevent manufacturing more than the demands